Regular brushing of the artificial grass with a broom, a leaf rake or leaf blower will help keep the fibres straight and even.



 Leaves and other dirt can be removed with a brush or broom. Leaves can also be removed using a leaf rake or leaf blower.

Do not use a steel brush.

If anything should get spilt on the grass, wash away with water.

Dog or cat faeces can best be left to harden and then removed with a spade or towel.

Chewing gum and such like can be removed by picking it carefully from the grass.

Never use solvents!



When it has first been laid, the artificial grass may have a flattened look.

Carefully brush the grass straight with a brush or broom.

Likewise after a period of intensive use, the grass may appear to be flat.

We would recommend you regularly brush the artificial grass to keep it looking as attractive as possible.


Use of objects on the artificial grass

The backing of the grass is designed to withstand normal heavy loads, but not excessive loads on a particular spot.

For that reason avoid using sharp objects on the artificial grass.

If you are planning to use garden furniture on the artificial grass, we would advise you spread the load as evenly as possible.

A swimming pool, a piece of playground equipment or trampoline can be used on the artificial grass without any problem.

Fire and hot objects should not be brought into contact with the artificial grass.

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